Another day, another boudoir photo shoot at the Omni King Edward Hotel in Toronto.

Chrystal approached me to have a boudoir photo shoot of herself done, so we teamed up with Justine of Violet Noir Artistry (hair and makeup) to make some beautiful images. This was Chrystal’s first time in front of a camera, and she felt a little out of her element since her day-to-day is running her own business and being a mom. With a little direction from moi, Chrystal moved naturally in front of the camera and we got some great pictures.

As is my standard, I try to use the ambient light in any location where possible. The challenge here was that the windows at the Omni King were particularly small in this room, and even at midday when the light should have been brightest, there wasn’t a ton of illumination. I remedied that two ways. First was to jack up the ISO setting on my camera to ISO 2000-2500 for these shots (which the Nikon D750 handles admirably). Secondly, I used a gold reflector to amplify that little bit of sunlight (coming in from camera left) into a bright, concentrated beam. This helped to make a brighter image overall and to fill in some shadows that otherwise would have been on Chrystal due to the quick fall off of the light as it penetrated the room.

For the last shot in the boudoir photo shoot gallery below, Chrystal was positioned in front of the window instead of on the bed. With all the light coming from behind Chrystal, the gold reflector did the heavy lifting here and provided all the illumination on her face.


Click images of Chrystal below to enlarge

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