New year, new photo blog

Kathryn wearing glasses in the grass
Model: Kathryn McIntosh

Whoa, it’s 2016! How did that happen? If you’ve been a regular reader of this photo blog, you’ll notice I didn’t post much in 2015. So with a new year comes some new changes. Here’s what’s already changed and what you can look forward to for the rest of the year and beyond:

What’s New

  • Fresh, all new design for the VTOGRAPHY portfolio and blog. I’ve gone from a dark design to bright, and the portfolio and blog are better integrated, visually speaking.
  • Loads of new photos in the VTOGRAPHY portfolio. Go ahead and peruse the main page — I’ve been working on lots of images to feast your eyes on.
  • Most old photo blog posts pre-2015 have been removed, but see below for more details on that.

What’s Coming

  • I’ll sift through the “back catalogue” of photo blog posts from previous years and repost some of the best ones from time to time. Come back and visit regularly to see what’s been added!
  • A wider variety of blog content — not just pictures of models I photograph. You’ll see reviews of photography gear like cameras, lenses, and accessories. I’ll post video tutorials showing you my tips and techniques for better photos. And I’ll scribble down my musings on the worlds of social media, customer service, and what I call the War On Photography. That is, the ever-tightening scrutiny for anyone using a camera in a public place.
  • Other surprises! Stay tuned…

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2016 is shaping up to be a great year!

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