Boudoir photo shoot with model Kelsie

Kelsie is one of three models I had a “Five Year Reunion” with while I traveled out east this year. In 2013, I photographed Kelsie, Ashley, and Laura and hadn’t seen any of them since… until 2018!

My last shoot with Kelsie was when she was 18, and she was just getting into modelling. In the five years since then, she’s moved to Vancouver, worked a ton of modelling gigs including runway, and moved back to Halifax. So she got a ton of experience and now I get to reap the rewards by making more amazing pictures with her.

Boudoir photo shoot with model Kelsie

As a former dancer, Kelsie knows her body and her angles pretty well. She’s a gym regular and hopes to compete in her first fitness competition in Spring 2019. Hopefully we can find time to shoot again when she’s at her fitness peak! You can follow her fitness journey on her Instagram, @kelsbyrne95.

Boudoir photo shoot with model Kelsie

Kelsie is a total goofball and we’ve kept in constant contact for the last five years, dreaming of the day we’d get to shoot together again. That day finally came and it was fantastic!

As no stranger to nudity, Kelsie has stood stark naked in front of an entire salon to be the subject of a spray tan demonstration. I admire her confidence! Her first nude photo shoot, below, was a total success and available exclusively here at


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