Victoria in black lace lingerie bodysuit

You don’t need a fancy studio, assistants, or gobs of gear to make great photos. I fly solo most of the time, working with minimal equipment in whatever locations are available. For these photos, our “studio” was a red chair in the living room of a basement apartment. If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw a preview from this shoot a couple days ago. Here’s how we did it.

To camera left was a Paul C. Buff Einstein E640 monolight with a 22” Impact Beauty Dish. To control the light and prevent it from spilling on to the background, a 22” honeycomb grid was attached to the beauty dish. To camera right was a Nikon SB-900 with a MagMod attached. The MagMod acted as a rim light, with a grid and a warm gel attached with its super neat magnets. Everything was triggered with my Vello Freewave LR flash triggers, which have been rock solid for me since I got them.

Here’s what it all looked like:

Behind the scenes lighting setup
Behind the scenes lighting setup

Pretty simple, right? Victoria was clad in a black lace bodysuit from La Senza, which contrasted nicely with the red chair.

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