My first YouTube video: How To Curl Hair With A Flat Iron

So I made a thing. It’s a video called “How To Curl Hair With A Flat Iron” and you can watch it on YouTube. The video stars my smart and talented friend, Kathryn, who wrote the script. I did all the rest — filming, production, editing, etc.

We’re hoping to make a bunch of these videos, focusing on areas of Kathryn’s expertise which include hair and beauty, and computer programming. An odd combo to be sure, but we like that. If you like what you see, please give it a thumbs up on YouTube and subscribe! We’d really appreciate it.

You might be wondering why I haven’t updated this blog lately, but don’t worry — there are lots of photos in the pipeline ready to be posted soon. In the meantime, you can follow @vtographyy on Instagram for the latest.

Click below or watch on YouTube: “How To Curl Hair With A Flat Iron